What Is Trace Heating?

A trace heating system is used to maintain or raise the temperature of pipes and vessels using heat tracing cables. It uses the form of an electrical heating element run in physical contact along the length of the pipe. The pipe is normally covered with thermal insulation to retain heat losses from the pipe itself. Trace heating can be used to protect the pipes from freezing and to maintain a constant flow temperature in hot water systems. Every pipe is subjected to heat loss when the temperature is greater than the ambient temperature. The thermal insulation on the pipe reduces the rate of the heat being lost but does not eliminate it, the trace heating maintains the temperature needed by balancing heat loss with heat supplied.

We use self-regulating heating cable whose resistance varies with temperatures below the cable set point and high resistance for temperatures above the set point. When the cable temperature reaches the set point the resistance reaches a high point and resulting in no more heat being supplied. The uses for the trace heating cable can be for sprinkler systems and this will ensure a 100% operation of the facility even in freezing conditions, and hot water services, buildings such as hotels and hospitals can benefit from our system which enables them to maintain an instant supply of hot water to 60 degrees centigrade. It will also protect against legionella.

All of our systems are installed with Digitech Thermostats enabling complete control of the protective systems. Thermal Insulation is then applied to the network to protect and enable the system to operate effectively.

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