We at Aptiva specialise in the manufacture, supply and installation of specialist, thermal jackets for pipes, valves, flanges and other equipment. Due to the complexity and awkward shapes of many of these items they are often left without insulation leaving them vulnerable to the elements and susceptible to energy loss. We manufacture thermal covers using a variety of cloths for production up to 1000 degrees centigrade. We use kevlar sewing products or stainless steel for high-temperature work, with velcro fastenings and drawstrings to secure them in place.



Removable insulated valve jackets

Our thermal jackets are easily removed for maintenance so you can clean around the valve or do what you need to do then you can put the jacket back on when you are done. Our jackets prevent energy waste and will protect you from getting burnt on hot services. On chilled services, our thermal jackets will protect your valves from frost damage and freezing, they also prevent condensation with possible long term effects including corrosion & dangerous wet areas.