Trace Heating With Controlled Temperature

We can install self-regulating, trace heating cable for frost protection to pipework that is exposed to low temperatures and for maintaining desired service temperatures for pipework systems. The typical use of a system like this is to ensure 100% operation of a facility like a sprinkler system; Also this can be used for hot water services buildings such as hotels and hospitals can benefit from our systems which enable them to maintain an instant supply of hot water to 60 degrees centigrade.

Every pipe is subject to heat loss when its temperature is greater than ambient temperature. Thermal insulation reduces the rate of heat loss but does not eliminate it. Our trace heating system maintains the temperature above freezing by balancing heat loss with heat supplied. Normally a thermostat is used to energise when it measures temperature falling below a set point it will supply heat to the pipework system and when it measures the temperature rising above another set point it will stop supplying heat. You can control these setpoints yourself and this is done on our Digitech thermostats which enables you to have complete control over the protective system. Thermal Insulation is then applied to the network to protect and enable the system to operate effectively.

Trace Heating With Controlled Temperature

More About Trace Heating With Controlled Temperature

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