Trace Heating Southampton

We offer a complete electrical trace heating Southampton service to protect the exposed systems against freezing and also to maintain systems at the required operating temperatures. Our systems use electric heater cable to replace the heat that is lost through the thermal insulation system. Replacing the lost heat will allow the pipe and the product inside the pipe to be kept at a constant temperature. This will keep fluids from freezing which can lead to pipes being damaged, a liquid could even settle and block the pipes and the whole network. We can provide a thermostat with each heater cable to control the temperature and make sure your pipe network stays fully functioning.

Our systems maintain water temperatures, reduce running costs and eliminate the requirement for continuously operating pumps which could in time overheat. Our systems can also be used to protect against legionella.

We also offer Valve Jackets as we specialise in the manufacturing, supply and installation of specialist thermal jackets, these can be used on pipe valves, flanges and other specialist equipment. A lot of the time these items are left without insulation leaving them vulnerable to the raw elements which are susceptible to energy loss and reduce their operational lives.  The thermal jackets are easily removable for maintenance purposes and can be replaced when required or used elsewhere on similar items or plant & equipment. The jackets also provide protection from energy waste, burn protection and where relevant, ensure the plant and equipment meets design temperature performance. The jackets will protect against frost damage and freezing, they also prevent condensation with possible long term effects of corrosion.

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