Thermal Jackets In Surrey

We specialise in the manufacture, supply and installation of specialist thermal jackets. These can be made for pipe valves, flanges and other specialist equipment. Often these items are left without insulation; Leaving them vulnerable to the elements which are susceptible to energy loss and reduce their operational lives. The jackets are made from layers of thermal insulation materials that are fastened onto a mechanical component to maximise its efficiency. These can also be used to regulate temperatures and improve workplace safety. Using the blankets will ensure that the covered component is easily accessible and serviceable. Unlike traditional stay-in-place insulation, these removable ones can also be put onto components that are similar to the one it was designed for.

The jackets can help a system meet the required temperature performance of the equipment. These jackets can be used on hot components, cold components, prevent freezing and for sound attenuation.

Thermal Jackets In Surrey

Benefits Of Thermal Jackets In Surrey

With these jackets, you can reduce energy costs as the jackets will help to ensure the transfer of heat from the component is slowed down as much as possible. This will also help to reduce green house gas emmissions emitted into the atmopshere by you. Another benefit is the safer work environment it can provide to you and your workers. The jackets will reduce the touch temperature of the pipes and components. This can prevent unwanted worker injuries. Because the jackets are removable you will have no problem with regular maintenance.

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