Thermal Jackets In Hampshire

Aptiva specialises in the manufacture, supply and installation of specialist thermal jackets for pipe valves, flanges and other specialist equipment. Often these items are left without insulation leaving them vulnerable to the elements which are susceptible to energy loss and reduce their operational lives. The jackets are easily removed for maintenance purposes and can be replaced when required or even used somewhere else on a similar item. The jackets are there to prevent energy waste, protect you from burning yourself on the equipment and where relevant ensure it meets the design temperature performance. The jackets can also protect against frost damage and freezing which can help make your pipework systems last longer.

These jackets come in all shapes and sizes and can be used on such components as boilers, steam traps, pipes, valves, flanges and more. These jackets are made from layers of insulation materials that are fastened onto a mechanical component. With these jackets, you can also have trace heating running along the whole system to make sure that the desired temperature is being met at all times.

Thermal Jackets In Hampshire

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