Thermal Insulation Contractor

At Aptiva we are a thermal insulation contractor, we specialise in this and have a lot of experience in the supply and installation of high and low-temperature pipework, air conditioning and ventilation ductwork. Whatever the specification and location, all of our products and finishes are installed with a high level of competency and in accordance with our clients own specifications and requirements. Every pipe or vessel is subject to heat loss when the temperature is greater than the ambient temperature. Thermal insulation is used to reduce the rate of heat loss but does not eliminate it. Heat flow is inevitable when different objects are in contact with each other. Thermal insulation creates a thermal break where the lower temperature body is reflected rather than absorbed.

We provide numerous finishes, depending on the location of the services including, mechanical protection for plant areas and weatherproof finishes where services are located externally. Our client base includes the petrochemical and process pipework industry together with hospitals, shopping centres, hotels and large private dwellings. All of our operatives are fully experienced & trained. Our team are committed to ongoing and continued training & progression which ensures our operatives & management team can provide the best possible solution.

Thermal Insulation Contractor

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Aptiva Limited were established in 1986 and have continued to expand and to develop our range of services to the private, commercial and industrial sectors. With our head office based in Poole, Dorset and our contracting office in Central London, we are ideally positioned to respond to the needs of our numerous clients within these areas.

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