Pipework Insulation

We have vast experience of insulating high and low temperature pipework within a range of different locations working closely with consultancies and architects to ensure compliance with particular projects specifications.

Ductwork Insulation

Specialised in Thermal Insulation, Fire Protection, and Acoustic applications to all forms of Ductwork including supply and extract systems, exhaust systems and fresh air inlet ductwork.


Our products and systems will soundproof the specific item of plant to protect against any airborne noise and comply with any building regulation or client specification which may be required.

Valve Jackets

We manufacture thermal covers using a variety of cloths for production up to 1000 degrees centigrade. We use Kevlar Sewing Products or Stainless Steel for high temperature work, with Velcro Fastenings and Drawstrings to secure them in place.

Trace Heating

We offer a complete electrical trace heating service to protect exposed systems against freezing and also to maintain systems at the required operating temperatures. Our systems use electric heater cable to replace the heat that is lost through the thermal insulation system.

Fire Protection

We specialise in various forms of Passive Fire Protection using the latest tested and approved products. Our products can, if required, also produce an acoustic performance in conjunction with the requirement and fire protection rating.

Food Processing and Breweries

Aptiva specialise in providing Thermal Insulation and Protective finishes for pipework, ductwork, tanks & vessels, specifically for the food and drinks industry. Our engineers are individually and specifically trained to work within these environments and we are able to provide insulation and vapour barriers to low temperature pipework systems, valves and flanges, cooling systems, ductwork, unique to this specialised industry.