Protect Your Systems In London

Is your pipework systems and valves left unprotected? Do you think you should be getting better energy efficiency from your system? We have a few different services that will help you to make your systems better and protect them from certain weather conditions. First of all, we can provide you with thermal insulation, this can be a great benefit to your system as it will help to keep hot water warm when it is travelling through your system. With this, you will notice a great difference in your energy bill as your system need to keep warming up the liquid it is transporting through your pipework system.

To make your system even better you can get trace heating installed to the pipes that transport liquids that need to be a certain temperature. We can install these systems to help with frost protection and to maintain the desired service temperature. The system will come with a Digitech thermostat which will allow you to set the temperature you don’t want your system to go under and if it does the heating stripes will turn on and start to warm the network.

Protect Your Systems In London

Then you have valve jackets that you can have made for your valves This will help to keep energy inside of your system and will help to protect people that are working around them each day so they don’t get burnt or hurt themselves. These jackets can be removed for maintenance purposes and placed back on when you need to. You can also protect the people within your building with our passive fire stopping this will give occupants in your building more time to exit and get out of the way of a fire.

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