Pipe and Valve Insulation Jackets

We specialise in the manufacture, supply and installation of specialist thermal jackets for pipe valves, flanges and other specialist equipment. Often these items are left without insulation leaving them vulnerable to the elements which are susceptible to energy loss and reduce their operational lives. Our thermal jackets are easily removable for maintenance purposes and can be replaced when required or used somewhere else on a similar bit of equipment.

The jackets can be used to make your workplace safer by protecting someone who works near the pipe/valve as it can be quite easy to burn yourself on exposed pipes. The jackets will also help to meet the designed temperature that your systems should be running at. If your valve’s/pipes run into a cold room or somewhere that has cold conditions the jackets will be able to help protect against frost damage and freezing, they also prevent condensation with possible long term effects of corrosion.

Pipe and Valve Insulation Jackets

More About Pipe and Valve Insulation Jackets

These jackets are made from layers of thermal insualtion some of the benefits you get from this is reduced energy costs, better asset management, better and more regular maintainance and a reduce in greenhouse gas emissions. What makes these jackets so good is that they are so versitile and you can use them on lots of different things.

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