Pipe and Valve Insulation Jackets Dorset

At Aptiva, we specialise in the manufacture, supply and installation of specialist thermal jackets for pipe valves, flanges and other specialist equipment. Often these things are left without insulation, which leaves them vulnerable to the elements and means they are susceptible to energy loss and reduces their operational lives. But with our jackets, you are able to save energy and increase the life of your systems so easily that you wished you had done it years ago. The jackets are made from layers of thermal insulation materials and are fastened onto a mechanical component to maximise their efficiency, regulate temperature and also improve workplace safety.

Improving safety? How does it do that? Well in a workplace you might have people working around lots of your exposed pipes and valves if the pipes are flowing with high-temperature fluids pressing up against them might give you a nasty shock. Having the jackets on these will prevent this from happening and you will protect your workers from getting hurt.

Pipe and Valve Insulation Jackets Dorset

More About Pipe and Valve Insulation Jackets Dorset

Our thermal jackets for pipes and valves are easily removable and this makes it much easier to be able to do maintenance on the area which is covered with the jacket. You are also able to use these in similar places where your jackets will fit if needed. The jackets will protect against frost damage and freezing, they also prevent condensation with possible long term effects of corrosion.

Aptiva Limited was established in 1986 and has developed our range of services to the private, commercial and industrial sectors. With our head office based in Poole, Dorset and our contracting office in Central London, We are ideally positioned to respond to the needs of our numerous clients within these areas. Our management team including contract managers and estimators have unrivalled industry experience and all our installers and operatives are directly employed by Aptiva Limited and all carry the recognised industry-specific skill cards.

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