London’s Thermal Insulation Contractors

In London we are specialist thermal insulation contractors; We have vast experience in supplying and installing insulation to high and low-temperature pipework, including air conditioning and ventilation ductwork. Whatever the specification and location, all our products & finishes are installed with a high level of competency and in accordance with our client’s own specifications and requirements. We provide numerous finishes, depending on the location of the services including, mechanical protection for plant areas and weatherproof finishes where services are located externally. Our client base includes the petrochemical and process pipework industry together with hospitals, shopping centres, hotels and large private dwellings.

With thermal insulation, your pipework systems will not only be protected from the harsh cold weather conditions we get but it will also mean that your systems will use less energy as they won’t need to heat up whatever is being passed through the pipes as much. The heat flow between objects is inevitable but with the insulation, it can be significantly reduced and therefore create a thermal break or barrier.

London's Thermal Insulation Contractors

More About London’s Thermal Insulation Contractors

Not only do we provide an excellent thermal insulation service but we also can provide you with Trace Heating, Valve Jackets and Passive Fire Stopping. With these services, your systems and building will be protected from a lot of different things that could potentially reduce the life of your systems and building.

Aptiva Limited was established in 1986 and have continued to expand and to develop our range of services to the private, commercial and industrial sectors. Our head office is based in Poole, while our contracting office is in Central London, we are ideally positioned to respond to the needs of our numerous clients within these areas. All our operatives are fully experienced & trained, our team are also committed to ongoing and continued training and progression; This ensures our operatives & management team can provide the best possible service.