Heat Tracing System In Hampshire

Heat tracing systems can help your pipework and other systems to keep operating even in freezing conditions, heat tracing can also be used for maintaining the desired temperature of a particular system, Anti-condensation and so many more uses that can benefit you. The freeze protection is probably the most important use of the cable as every pipe or vessel is subjected to heat loss when its temperature is greater than the ambient temperature. Thermal insulation reduces the rate of heat loss but doesn’t stop it. Trace heating maintains the temperature above freezing by balancing the heat lost with heat supplied. A thermostat can be used to energise when it measures the temperature falling below a set value. The thermostat will then turn off the cable when it measures the temperature rising past a set temperature value.

We can install this self-regulating, trace heating cable into your pipework systems that may be exposed to low temperatures and maintaining desired service temperatures that you might need. All of our systems are installed with a Digitech thermostat and this enables complete control of the protective systems, then we apply insulation to the network and this will help to protect and enable the system to operate effectively.


More About Heat Tracing System In Hampshire

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