Fire Stopping In Hampshire

Fire stopping in Hampshire is very important to allow people to leave a burning building in the event of a fire. Passive fire protection includes compartmentalization of the overall building through the use of fire-resistant walls and floors. This organises the fire into smaller fire compartments, consisting of one or more rooms or floors, this will help to stop or slow down the spread of the fire from one room to another keeping the fire within the origin of where it started. With this all in place, it can limit the damage caused to the building and provide more time for evacuation.

Our workforce is fully trained and compliant in all aspects of health and safety; This includes the MSTS, CITB, CSCS, IPAF and PASMA training. Our policies and procedures are reviewed on an ongoing, systematic basis. The importance of fire stopping penetrations with a fire barrier cannot be overstated. As well penetration ceiling systems are a fundamental requirement of the fire safety designs of all buildings. Our systems provide cost-effective solutions and are compliant with the current legislation in place.

Fire Stopping In Hampshire

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Effective penetration sealing prevents the passage of smoke, toxic gases, and fire through gaps around mechanical heating & ventilation services through walls, partitions and floors. Our fire barrier system incorporates the use of high-density Rockwool slabs with a white endothermic ablative coating designed to stop the spread of the fire. The barriers provide great acoustic performance and fire protection up to a maximum of 240 minutes.

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