Electrical Heat Tracing System In Hampshire

We have a self-regulating, trace heating cable for frost protection to pipework exposed to low temperatures and for maintaining desired service temperatures for pipework systems. These systems have lots of different uses that can help to keep sprinkler systems working at 100% operation as these pipes would run outside at be exposed to harsh temperatures during the winter. These can also help to keep a constant supply of hot water, buildings such as hotels and hospitals can benefit from having an instant supply of water to 60 degrees centigrade. This will also protect against legionella.

These systems will run along the length of a pipe and have physical contact with it. Heat will be generated by the cable that will be used to maintain the temperature of the pipe. The self-regulating aspect of the system will be very helpful as the system will turn off or turn down once the desired temperature is reached and then when or if the temperature drops below a set amount the system will turn back on to stop it from getting too low. With all of the systems, we install we include a Digitech thermostat which will give you complete control over the protective system. Thermal insulation is then applied to the system to enable the system to operate effectively.

Electrical Heat Tracing System In Hampshire

More About Electrical Heat Tracing System In Hampshire

With this electrical heat tracing system, you can also use it for underfloor heating and melting ice and snow on steps. Our team will be able to provide you with this service in a very efficient time so your systems aren’t compromised during the colder temperatures. We also have a few different services that you can receive from us like Valve Jackets and Passive Fire Stopping. If you would like to see how our work looks once completed please visit our gallery page.

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