Electric Heat Tracing London

We install a self-regulating, trace heating cable for frost protection to pipework exposed to low temperatures and for maintaining desired service temperatures for pipework systems. What you can do with these systems is keep a pipework system working at 100% by heating up or maintaining a temperature the system needs to run at. This can be useful for systems that run outside and could be affected by the cold weather we get. The electric heat tracing can benefit hotels and hospitals that need a system that can supply them with an instant supply of hot water to 60 degrees centigrade. It will also protect against legionella.

The system runs in physical contact along the length of the pipe. This pipe is usually covered in thermal insulation to retain any heat losses from the pipe. Heat loss is inevitable and can’t be stopped, but it can be slowed down. This means that the system will be able to keep the temperature needed without using as much energy as you would need if the pipe was exposed.

Electric Heat Tracing London

More About Electric Heat Tracing London

With these systems, we install them with a Digitech thermostat enabling complete control of the protective systems. Thermal insulation is then applied to the network to protect and enable the system to operative effectively. We then apply thermal insulation to the network to protect and enable the system to operative effectively.

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