Acoustic Insulation Services

At Aptiva we offer a comprehensive service for the application of acoustic insulation to mechanical pipework and ductwork services. Our products and systems will soundproof the specific item to protect against any airborne noise and comply with any building regulation or client specification which may be required. Our acoustic insulation systems are applied directly to the pipework or ductwork systems and are generally finished to match the adjoining thermal insulation where relevant.

You can use insulation to make your building and system more efficient with the energy it uses. This is called thermal insulation, this is different to acoustic insulation but works in a similar way to benefit you. The insulation will reduce the transfer of heat between objects in thermal contact or in the range of radiative influence. Heat loss can never be stopped as heat transfer is inevitable but with the help of the insulation we provide, it can be significantly reduced. We provide numerous finishes depending on the location of the service and this includes mechanical protection and weatherproof finishes were services are located externally.

Acoustic Insulation Services

Fire Protection

Our passive fire protection services include:

Prevents the passage of fire through voids in walls, floors and ceilings. Provide fire protection where building services penetrate walls, floor and existing barriers. Specialist fire rated and approved products to protect vital air conditioning and ductwork systems and specialist fire protection systems for kitchen extract ductwork to prevent fire break out. Aptiva limited operates throughout the south of England and London. All our operatives are industry trained and qualified and all of our works are fully certified.

We also have many other services like Ductwork insulation, Valve jackets and Trace heating. You can read about all of these services on our services page. Click Here! You can also look at our gallery to see examples of our work.