Providing quality thermal insulation services

Aptiva Limited was established in 1986 and has continued to expand and develop into new trading areas providing quality thermal insulation services for the private, commercial, industrial and processed food industries.

As well as our head office, in Poole Dorset, we have three additional contracting offices in Exeter, Salisbury and Portsmouth and we operate throughout the South of England including London, Brighton, Basingstoke, Sussex and the surrounding areas.

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Fully trained team

All our operatives are directly employed and are localised throughout our trading areas. They are fully trained and work within a developed infra structure of management. We are able to provide the following specialist services.

  • Thermal insulation to high and low temperature pipe work.
  • Thermal insulation to high and low temperature air conditioning and ventilation ductwork.
  • Specialist Silicone Jackets for Valves and Flanges.
  • Acoustic insulation to mechanical services.
  • Fire protection to ductwork and mechanical services.
  • Electrical trace heating for frost protection and temperature control of pipe work systems.

We pride ourselves on our quality of work, experience and competitiveness and would welcome all enquiries.

Please view the recent projects page to see some of the teams recent work.

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